What If...?

What If the Cross Changed Everything
Deb Moken ThB 

 What If The Cross Changed Everything? Looks at The Book of Revelation from a radically different perspective--its original audience. Those people who lived in the first century under Roman rule, with strong ties to Jewish tradition. It is from this ancient perspective that Revelation becomes a source of joy and empowerment. John's first readers knew the identity of The Beast, and the meaning of 666. It's time the 21st Century Church knew too. What if the Cross Changed Everything?, offers compelling evidence that what John witnessed was not the end of human existence, but the glorious beginning of humanity's freedom from the bondage of the tyrannical dictates of the law of sin and death. Anyone who does not experience joy or feel empowered by their current understanding of Revelation will want to read this book. Fear, confusion and speculation will be dispelled. 

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